Tours around Chiang Mai

OK, so where do we start?!

There is so much to both see and do in Chiang Mai, and we cater for all sorts of tastes…

Whether you want to experience Thai Culture, where you can go to see the hill tribe villages to see how life differs on top of the mountain and these amazing people have adapted.

Or whether you are an adrenaline junkie, we can offer you go karting, super fun that is drift karting, where you spend more time going round the course sideways than front on! White water rafting is also another big hit over here and the green season is always a better time to go, although year round tours are available. As well bungee jumping for all those people who find it more interesting to jump off platforms high above a pool or water than just standing on them!

Or to chill out, can take a more leisurely bamboo rating trip down one of the many rivers, or go to a hot springs to relax in mother natures very own hot bath, although sounds crazy to do in Thailand is a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon, where you can also boil your own eggs for a quick snack, before or after you have boiled yourself!

If cooking food is more your thing then we can offer you Thai Cookery classes where you get taken around a market buy locally grown produce and be instructed in the art that is Thai cooking, with the knowledge that you can take home to impress family and friends.

For the creature lovers, there is plenty to do, can check out the cool monkey shows, the super snappy crocodile shows will leave you looking through your gaping hands, along with the snake farm where you will meet plenty of interesting new friends! The Tiger Kingdom is a great hit, where you can meet these majestic stripey beasts in person, and see how puuurfect life for them really is.

A riverboat cruise is a great way to see the city, a year round treat, as well as dinner boat cruises with a good sundowner to ensure that you enjoy your evening as much as possible.

At the end its always good to do a little bit of shopping, whether its buying some little nick-nacks for friends and family or buying some handicrafts and furniture for sending home for your home, to remind you of you time, tours and travel in Chiang Mai!

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